1. Ho Ho Ho

  2. The Last Man On Earth

  3. The Love Donations Do Christmas

  4. The Only Time

  5. A Gift For Christmas

  6. Suck It!

  7. Pray To The Saw

  8. White Christmas

  9. Christophe: Ballad For The Lost

  10. No One Gets Out Alive! Dead On Friday The 13th!
    Christophe and The Pallbearers

  11. Haunting Halloween: Live at Your Mom's Place 10-06-16

  12. 'Besides You' Demos 2008
    Danny Trashville & Christophe Murdock

  13. Merry Xmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

  14. Demo 2000

  15. Scum God (re-issue)
    Social Parasite

  16. Line 'Em Up
    Christophe and The Pallbearers

  17. Live $#*+! At Our Best/At Our Worst
    Christophe and The Prairie Fire

  18. Free Demos aka This Don't Need A Fancy Title

  19. The Steampunk Pumpkin E.P.

  20. White People
    The MILF City Soundtrack

  21. Elmer Julian Kilgore - Celebration Of Life

  22. Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)

  23. Live 10-23-13: Leon's Lounge - OKC
    Christophe and The Prairie Fire

  24. MMXIII

  25. The Life Of An Outlaw
    Casper McWade

  26. Unpaid Fines

  27. The DAMAGED Hearing Sessions

  28. Live 7-23-11: Cookies and Cards Farewell Fundraiser

  29. I Think Of The Demon

  30. Crossroads

  31. 05-01-11Live On 'Assignment Radio' 106.3 KGOU Norman, OK

  32. Live 3-11-11: Downtown Sound Grand Opening

  33. Information Is Power

  34. 03-01-11 Live on 'DAMAGED Hearing' 88.9 KRFC Fort Collins, CO

  35. 11-04-10 Live on 'The No Name Show' 105.9 KIRC Shawnee, OK

  36. Dark Side (SmacOne Remix)

  37. The Accumulated Blur: Vol. 1
    Social Parasite

  38. Fear The Dead b/w If The Sun Don't Shine

  39. SoonerCon '09 Demo

  40. Ten Necromantic Classics: A Collection of Love Songs For the Dead

  41. Covers

  42. The Life Of An Outlaw: 1-17-08 Demos

  43. In Dreams
    Mockingbird Lane

  44. 2003 Demo
    Mockingbird Lane

  45. Dead Girls Don't Say No
    Mockingbird Lane

  46. Graveyard Romance
    Mockingbird Lane

  47. Dead Girls Don't Say No (Live)
    Mockingbird Lane


Christophe Murdock Shawnee, Oklahoma

Christophe Murdock earned the moniker of the Hardcore Troubadour by relentlessly playing anywhere, anytime he could. He has been writing and playing all styles of music since the early 90's. Traveling the road with his guitar he’s found to be more at home playing his “roots” music to other road weary travelers. Be sure to catch him pickin’ his guitar solo or with his band The Prairie Fire. ... more

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